EA is finishing up on the fighters photo shoots for their answer to THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2009 game simply titled MMA. During the photo sessions, fighters are asked to make various facial expressions such as a look of suprise or pain These photos were to be used in the game for realistic expressions, for reaction to certain scenarios; like a punch or a victory etc.

During Fedor’s shoot, the photographer noticed his face stayed the same, which isn’t a total surprise. In real life, in and out of the cage his face is always the same – empty of any expression, as if he were some sort of android.

The photographer then asked for Fedor to really try to capture these needed expressions. Fedor replied, “I don’t make faces”, then said, “we are done here” – as he left the photoshoot.” I’d say lucky for the photographer. It would seem Fedor is happy collecting the money from EA to use his likeness – yet not so happy to actually put in any work for it.