When it was announced that the legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko was itching to return to the cage, it was assumed that he’d likely land at Bellator. After all, UFC boss Dana White badmouthed him for years, and Fedor had fought for Bellator boss Scott Coker when Coker was running Strikeforce, so why not go where there’s love instead of hate? Well, in an interview with a local news outlet, the former PRIDE FC star admitted that the UFC could very well end up being his home. As per Yahoo! Sports:

“This is being negotiated, in particular with the UFC,” Emelianenko said, “as well as some other promotions. I think it will soon be finally determined. As for the opponent, I would say that desire must comply opportunities.

(Note: Translating from Russian doesn’t always equate to perfect English.)

“I would like to face the strongest fighters in the world – UFC champion Fabricio Werdum. Given that over three years, I did not fight during the first fight I would like to get involved, check for myself.

Whoa there, stud! Werdum is the UFC heavyweight champ now, and he tapped you out once already. Take a warm-up fight first at least!

“The desire to fight in my blood,” he said. “I’m in the sport for 11 years – my whole life is training and competition. Over the years, there has been a thirst not only to participate in battles, but also to transfer their knowledge and skills. After consulting with trainers, with the support of the family, I decided to return.”

I for one would love to see Fedor in the UFC. But I’d love to see him in Bellator, too. Honestly, as long as he’s back, I don’t care where he fights.