Germaine de Randamie beat former bantamweight champ Holly Holm at UFC 208 to become the organization’s first female featherweight champ. But since then, it’s been one lame excuse after another whenever the idea of GDR facing Cris Cyborg is brought up. Obviously, GDR knows what would inevitably happen if she were to face the Brazilian – we all know it. Cyborg would literally tear off her head and use her spine as a toothpick. But come on, none of that should matter when you’re an actual UFC champ. Am I right?

Anyway, here’s the latest excuse from De Randamie’s camp: That Cyborg will always be a cheater.

Good grief. Strip GDR of the belt and/or scrap the division. This nonsense isn’t worth it.

As per MMAFighting:

On Friday, de Randamie’s manager Brian Butler explained to why de Randamie is not interested in fighting Justino.

“Germaine and her team have talked, and the position is that she will not fight Cyborg because Cyborg is a known and proven cheater. Even after so much scrutiny has been put on Cyborg, she still managed to pop for something and will always be a person of suspicion who is trying to beat the system rather than just conforming to the rules.

“For that reason, Germaine and her team don’t believe that Cyborg should be allowed to compete in the UFC at all. If that is the only fight the UFC wants, then Germaine is willing to wait and see if the UFC will strip her belt before making her next move.”