Renan Barao was once an unbeatable bantamweight king, but then TUFer TJ Dillashaw figured him out and now Barao will never see gold at 135 pounds ever again. But that’s okay, because the Nova Uniao can stop cutting dramatic amounts of weight and compete at featherweight – which he’ll be doing this coming weekend at UFC Fight Night 88 when he takes on Jeremy Stephens in the co-main event.

Heck, if things go well for him at 145 pounds, Barao might even fight his teammate, Jose Aldo.

As per an interview with Combate:

The future will tell. I’ll talk to the team because not only am I define it. Would that solve everyone together. But I do not even think about it now.

If you read between the lines, what Barao is saying is, “Maybe. It’s all about the benjamins, baby.” This is a far cry from the never-fighting-teammates thing those Nova Uniao guys espoused in the past, but hey, what else is Barao going to do?