Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The conventional belief is that when you throw a boomerang, it’s supposed to return to you. But few realize that throwing a boomerang so it comes back takes a modicum of technique. I know this because I’ve thrown a boomerang and had it simply land like a bent stick in the grass, and I had to run over and retrieve the damn thing.

Former heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum knows this fact now, too, because apparently he and Conor McGregor-wannabe Colby Covington got into a little altercation in Sydney, Australia, and it ended when Werdum threw a boomerang at him. And the boomerang didn’t come back!

Werdum is there because he’s headlining this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 121. Covington was there because… who knows. The poor guy has been running his mouth so much, it’s clear he’s desperate to talk himself into some bigger fights – although him being a middleweight and Werdum being a heavyweight kind of shows he’s an idiot for wasting his words on fights he can’t get paid for.

Vid below!