We will see a bitter rivalry likely come to an end on July 7 at UFC 148 as Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber III is set to cap off a trilogy in a bantamweight title fight.

Both men currently hold a victory over the other as they will not only be fighting for gold, but a definitive answer to who is truly the better mixed martial artist. In the media both men have not shied away from slanging verbal assaults as both sounded off on their upcoming grudge match on HDNet’s Inside MMA.

Dominick Cruz:

 At the end of the show, I get to fight Faber and you know, I’ll always fight him better than he’ll fight me. As much as he wants to talk about being the more dangerous fighter, this and that — the dude was on his heels the entire fight. He didn’t wanna come forward. He was countering the whole time, looking to counter, because he didn’t know when I was gonna come or go. So, there’s a style that he doesn’t understand, the way that I fight him, that he chooses to say negative things about it, because he can’t understand it. What you can’t understand, you choose to talk bad about. He’s not gonna beat me. He doesn’t know how. I’m gonna go in there and have my way with him, just like I did in the last fight. Keep the pace high, put him on his butt and beat him down.”

The following week the show had Urijah on for his response:

Urijah Faber:

I mean, come on. Let’s be serious here. I don’t understand the way he’s fighting, so I’m frustrated and I’m saying bad stuff about it? The guy’s a good fighter. He’s good at what he does which is: scoring some points. He’s not dangerous. He’s not scary. I knocked him down three different times in three different rounds. He had 11 takedown attempts and basically got one and a half and that’s about it. So, if the guy thinks I don’t know how to beat him…I already did beat him!

“He’s alive right now because there’s rules in MMA and I had to release his neck and let him breathe! You’re welcome, Dominick Cruz, for giving you life and letting you live! Next time, I’m gonna do the same thing. I’m gonna let you live, but it’s gonna be painful.”