Renowned trainer to top  MMA Fighters such as Brock Lesnar and Josh Barnett, Erik Paulson talks with about the shock of Fedor Emelianenko being cut from Strikeforce promotions and questions what’s next for the former top pound for pound fighter.

“Just goes to show that anyone can get cut said Paulson. It’s so strange that someone could be so good, so praised, and now everyone’s saying he should hang it up after three fights. It’s just kind of weird he got cut [Fedor]. Now what’s he going to do fight for King of the Cage, or Dream? I don’t think the UFC will have him.”

Paulson also touches on his star pupil Brock Lesnar’s whereabouts and future.

“He’s busy farming I think. Probably enjoying his family, which he should. I think when he’s ready he’s going to come back, and he’s going to come back strong. I definitely think Brock will be back.”