Luke Rockhold isn’t fighting in the main or even co-main event this weekend at UFC 172, but he has done an excellent job of getting his name in the headlines.

Along with his call-out of Vitor Belfort, Rockhold re-engaged himself in a Twitter battle with Michael Bisping recently.

Rockhold and Bisping went back-and-forth while the former Strikeforce champion was preparing for his UFC debut. He lost to Vitor Belfort last year, just like Bisping did, in Brazil.

Now, with “The Count” coming off a loss to Tim Kennedy, the intensity picked back up.

“I remember Luke Rockhold calling me out,” Bisping wrote on Twitter. “Maybe after his fight on Saturday we can settle this?”

Rockhold was quick to respond, posting, “I recall Bisping telling me ot win a fight before calling him out! Hmmmm.” The Brit fired back with, “? I’ve won many fights.”

That provided Rockhold a chance to take a dig at Bisping, saying, “me too and Tim was one of them.”

Bisping questioned if Rockhold didn’t want to accept his challenge, adding, “so now after calling me out all that time you don’t want to actually back it up? Yeah thought so,” to which Rockhold stated, “I’m never opposed to easy money but first I have business Saturday. I’m out.”

Rockhold will meet Tim Boetsch this weekend on the main card from Baltimore.