Apparently Ronda Rousey losing at UFC 193 on Saturday night has caused a rip in the very fabric of our society, because it has become an issue that every media outlet – seriously, EVERY outlet – has something to say about it.

I mean, when the Economist gets in on the story and writes about it, you know it’s out of control. IT WAS A FREAKIN’ MMA FIGHT, PEOPLE.

So. Here’s TIME Magazine chiming in with something about how Rousey is more important now than she ever was.

Now she has the chance to be a whole new kind of hero. No longer an unstoppable, alien force in a class of her own, Rousey can become something far more important: a truly human champion with whom we all can identify. One with vulnerabilities like ours, who will have to work to overcome a public setback on her way back to dominance.

That’s a champion I could support in ways I never could the woman who entered the ring in Melbourne. I’ll draw inspiration in spades from a champion who can show me how to overcome adversity with grace, grit and determination. Her most important victory is still to come.

Eventually this will all die down, but I shudder to think what it’s going to be like when the rematch with champ Holly Holm rolls around. That’s going to be a nightmare of hot takes.