Coming off a complete dismantling of former light heavyweight and middleweight contender Chael Sonnen–former light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans (19-3-1) is looking to challenge another fellow fan favorite. “Suga” will look to add another former Olympian victory to his accomplishments with Daniel Cormier, as he admitted recently in an interview on Fox Sport’s UFC Tonight.

“I think he [Daniel Cormier] can diet down, and I think he’s a different athlete than he was when he was wrestling for the Olympics. I think he’s a little bit more disciplined now.”

The latest we’ve heard on Daniel Cormier is that he’s looking to take on fellow collegiate wrestler and top 10 light heavyweight Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis. No doubt, a former champ like Evans would be more appealing to “DC” as he makes his descent to light heavyweight.

Evans, now 34 is looking for the fastest path to the title, and with Cormier currently undefeated and ranked number 2 at heavyweight, that may be the clear choice. No official word yet, but if they’re mentioning it on UFC Tonight, it may be a matter of do the fans want to see it? My answer is yes — unless Jones needs a fresh opponent sooner than later.