In Rashad Evans’ defense, the quote comes from Spike TV’s ‘MMA Uncensored Live’ as a direct questions of “would you rather be Jon Jones’ friend for life or beat his ass.”   Rashad didn’t have to respond to the question, but he walked right into that quote.

At this point, uh…I’d rather beat his ass. To be honest. I’d rather beat his ass. But you know, it’s kinda crazy ‘cuz I’m goin’ off the emotion that I’m feelin’ right now. You know? But, I dunno. A friend for life is a pretty good friend, so I guess maybe the friend for life would be one that lasts longer ‘cuz a friend in the cage is just for in the cage, but a friend for life is something you’d always have.”

Rashad had many other instigating questions by the host such as (paraphrasing here) ‘are you jealous of Jones as he insinuates you are?’

I’m not jealous of Jon Jones. You know, whatever Jon Jones has in life and whatever he’s accomplished, he’s earned. I can’t want what another man has, because when it’s time for me to have something, undeniably, it will happen for me. It’s really foolish for me to be jealous of anybody because being jealous isn’t gonna bring anything faster for me.”

Evans touched on his thoughts of Jones’ impressive grappling skills, never being taken down once in a fight. Evans feels he will be the first.

No, it’s not playing in my head, the fact that he’s never been taken down. I know how to get him down. There’s been time to take him down in practice and stuff like that. But, practice is practice. When it comes to real time, we’ll see what I can do, but for the most part, I’m not really worried about the fact that somebody has been taken down or not.”

There had been rumors that many of the grudges in the UFC were merely hype to rally interest for the events, with Jones vs. Evans being one of them. Evans verifies that the ‘beef’ is unfortunately 100% real.

No, everything is 100-percent real. Unfortunately, it’s 100-percent real. It’s like one of those things where we had that respect for each other. We had that connection with each other. We were on the same team and everything. There’s a lot that goes into that when you’re training and sweating with somebody and you’re giving everything you have to that person. A lot goes into that, so, there’s a lot of emotion that’s still there and still raw.”

The time for talk is almost over as the two will face-off at UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans on April 21st, 2012.

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