Paranoia or apparent? On-lookers that have followed his story are either with or against Rashad Evans on his controversial comments of unfair treatment by his UFC employers. Evans is not the first to notice as it had been reported by media that favoritism looks to be taking place as Jones filled the headline coverage. However, one can argue that the champ should be the ‘feature.’  It’s not the first time that Evans felt shafted by the organization as he was passed on a title shot when Jones suffered a minor injury prior to their first attempt at a bout.

“To me, it honestly feels like they [UFC] don’t want me to have the belt. And that could just be my paranoid mind thinking and it probably is, I don’t know, whatever the case, they’re probably just indifferent to the whole thing. But in my mind I feel like they’re like, ‘Oh man, we don’t want this dude to be champion. We don’t want him to be champion.’ But it’s something that, inside me, is so important because that will show all my sacrifice, all my hard work, all my heartache, everything that I’ve been given on this journey wasn’t in vein. That it was worth something.”

Evans admits that it may just be in his head, but either way it is a driving factor for the former champ in preparation for his title fight against Jon Jones on Apr. 21. Check here for full UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans results and play-by-plays.