He made our top prospects list for good reason. Erick Silva has looked nothing short of phenomenal in all his finishes in the UFC. Coming from the teaching of UFC great Anderson Silva, you can only expect more impressive fights from the 28-year-old welterweight as climbs the ranks. Taking on former perennial contender Jon Fitch at UFC 153, it’s no secret that Silva will likely have the better striking over the wrestling stand-out. During a recent interview in Portuguese with Estortes.Terra.com, Silva suggested that it would be ‘suicide’ for Fitch to attempt to strike with him.

“Fitch has to change up, because to stand with me is suicide for him. Charlie (Brenneman) also said that he wanted to take me to the ground and eventually he was finished. I think people forget that I’m a black belt in jiu-jitsu.”

In case you were expecting a different style from Silva against Fitch, you can throw that out the window as Silva is planning to once again start right out the gate as we’ve seen from him in the past.

“Being explosive is part of my style. And for this fight has to be different. I trained a lot, and I am prepared.”

Silva will take whatever his opponent will offer, but of course would favor a knockout as most fighters do.

What I can say is that I am prepared to fight. Always workout to climb into the octagon and win my fights, no matter what. But of course if by knockout will be better.