In some respects, Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald have stolen the show heading into Saturday’s UFC on FOX 8, largely due to the verbal pokes Ellenberger has taken at his younger foe. Of course, since both men are top five welterweights, thousands of people are excited to see how the bout actually unfolds too.

After Ellenberger took aim at MacDonald once again on a recent media call, there was discussion as to whether he was  just trying to get in the head of “Ares”, or whether he doesn’t care for him. In a more recent interview with MMA, however, the 28 year-old stated:

“If you heard everyone else on that conference call talk, I almost fell asleep,” he said. “For me, it’s creative and more for laughs. It’s funny. People take this stuff a bit too seriously. If he didn’t like what I said, we can fight. He can try and punch me. But I said it more for laughs.”

The bit about the “Tears for Fears lookalike contest” definitely caught people’s attention. Now, trash talk aside, Ellenberger also offered this interesting analysis of MacDonald, whose only loss in six UFC bouts was to Carlos Condit. MacDonald was ahead on the scorecards during their memorable UFC 1115 bout, until Condit came back in the third and finished the fight with just seven seconds left. After noting he saw MacDonald “break in the Condit fight”, Ellenberger added:

“He’s got a good jab, some good kicks, but I’ve made adjustments. I’ve acknowledged my mistakes and made adjustments. When I’m on, I can beat anyone in the world. I’m focused on myself. I’ve done a lot of intense conditioning and a lot of things I haven’t done before. I’ve got a lot of confidence going into this fight.”

This should be good. UFC on FOX 8 will be hosted by the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.