Eddie Gordon won a season of TUF, and though he subsequently lost all three of his UFC fights, it was assumed he’d do well on TUF 25, which has brought back past TUFers and UFCers for another shot at glory.

And for sure, when it came to the matchup on last night’s episode – which had Gordon taking on Tom Gallicchio, a fighter who didn’t even get past his first fight on a prior season of TUF – it was assumed that Gordon would smash his way to an easy victory.

But, um, nope. Gallicchio tapped Gordon out with a quickness. As per MMAJunkie:

“I thought there was no chance on the planet that Tom would have a shot in the fight, and I underestimated him,” Gordon said. “There’s no doubt in my mind. I knew the one aspect of his game – which he was elite and better than me, to be quiet honest since I’m a realist – was on the ground. The guy is a black belt and has more finishes than I have fights total. I was completely aware of it, I was just really confident there was no chance in the world he could take me down and take advantage of that aspect. It just didn’t work out that way.”