Eddie Bravo contacted the MMA website CagedPotato last night clarify that he indeed did quit the UFC. It had initially been reported by Gareth Davies, but Bravo wanted explain the reason for the leave in his own words. He stated that yes he did leave, but it was on a good note. Bravo explained now he will be able to focus on his ever expanding number of students and schools, as well as be in the corner with his fighters.

“Yes, I quit to focus on cornering George [Sotiropoulos] and [Dan] Hardy. It was an amazing seven years with Zuffa,” Bravo explained via text message. “I owe Dana, Lorenzo and Frank to the death.”

Will working for the UFC, Bravo had many different jobs, ranging from an unofficial fight scorer, to a post-fight interviewer and most recently a grappling replay director. During the bouts, Bravo spoke to Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg over their headsets and explained the ground work as it happened.