Trash talk gets you everywhere in the UFC, and for Nate Diaz, that could mean a bout against Eddie Alvarez. At Saturday night’s UFC 188, Alvarez squeaked past Diaz’s teammate Gilbert Melendez, which, of course, warrants some Diaz-style beefing. Because the Diaz brothers, you know.

Here’s what happened when Ariel Helwani stuck a microphone in Nate’s face.

Here’s Alvarez’s side of things, as per MMAFighting:

Alvarez was set to fight Gilbert Melendez, the longtime teammate of the Diaz brothers, at UFC 188. And Nate Diaz, who was in Melendez’s corner, was mean-mugging him every time they saw each other.

“When I went there to Mexico, Nate just kind of changed his tune completely,” Alvarez told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I guess that’s how he is when you’re fighting one of his teammates. I get it. He takes this sh*t personal, he takes it serious. I get it, but I thought it was kind of weird.”

So, after weigh-ins Friday, Alvarez confronted Diaz. He asked him what was up with all the hostility. Diaz explained himself, finishing with: “So f*ck you.” Alvarez said he responded, “F*ck you, too” and added, “If you’re really gonna be like that, then you’re f*cking next.”

Does this mean they’ll be squaring up in the cage? Not necessarily.

“He’d honestly be a step backward right now and considering he hasn’t really been active it just wouldn’t make sense,” Alvarez said. “I never pick fights. If I get a bout agreement in the mail, I’ll sign it. I’m just letting you know that.”

Eh, what the heck, I’d watch that fight. It’d be an easy payday for Alvarez.