Just a couple months ago lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos was on the cusp of earning beaucoup dollars. After all, he was going to face featherweight king Conor McGregor, and whatever Conor McGregor touches turns to gold.

But alas, the Brazilian broke his foot in training, and he had to be replaced by Nate Diaz, and the rest is history.

So now what of Dos Anjos and his less-than-sparkling crown? He gets to go from headlining what would’ve been a monster pay-per-view and earning mad cash to headlining a UFC Fight Night event on Fight Pass.

Yup. Sucks for him.

But at least it doesn’t suck for Eddie Alvarez, who’s going to be challenging Dos Anjos on that Fight Pass event.


Okay, who you got in this one?