In case you don’t know, Eddie Alvarez and Frankie Edgar go back a ways. Alvarez is from Philadelphia, P.A., and since it’s just an hour drive down the Atlantic City Expressway to the Jersey Shore – where Edgar lives – the two have trained together a bit.

That’s why, when Alvarez talks about respecting the trash-talking game that featherweight champ Conor McGregor has brought to the sport, and the fact that McGregor may actually deserve his shot against lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos, Alvarez still has to throw in something about the Irishman fleeing top 145-pound challenger Edgar.

Here’s MMAJunkie with the quote:

“I’ve been in the game a long time, I understand what the game’s about; (McGregor’s) done a great job with what he’s doing and he’s getting everything he deserves,” Alvarez told MMAjunkie. “What I do think is that Frankie Edgar will beat him, and it’s really convenient to leave the division right now when the only person left is Frankie Edgar. That’s what I think.”

Is McGregor ducking Edgar? What do you think?