There’s crazy, and there’s CRAZY, and in case you were unsure, UFC lightweight stud Donald Cerrone is the latter. Despite having just fought on Saturday – at UFC 182, where he pretty much bitch-slapped opponent Myles Jury for three rounds – “Cowboy” will be stepping into the Octagon in less than two weeks against former WEC rival Benson Henderson at UFC Fight Night 59.

Yes, Henderson’s original opponent, Eddie Alvarez, is out (with the flu, according to MMAFighting). Yes, Cerrone has faced “Bendo” twice before and lost both times, the first via decision and the second via submission. But would that faze our beloved Cowboy? Hell naw. The dude don’t care!

Here’s Dana White with the announcement on Instagram. And mucho respect to Cerrone, who’s destined to either die in the cage from exhaustion or end up being legally declared a squatter in it.