When Anderson Silva stepped in last minute to fill in for the canceled headliner at UFC 153, many thought his opponent, Stephan Bonnar was not the best choice to say the least. Now, Silva’s trainer Ed Soares voices his opinion on the bout and says that people’s comments about Bonnar are ‘irrelevant.’

“I think it was just a matter of who was available at 205,” said Soares. “We kind of went through a process of elimination. There were only a certain number of opponents willing to take the fight and Stephan ended being the one that stuck.

“Stephan is a warrior. People can say what they want, does he deserve it, it’s really irrelevant. We were trying to find a solution to a problem and Stephan Bonnar stepped up and took the fight.

“No one can underestimate what Stephan’s done. The guy’s constantly moving forward, he’s not an easy guy to finish. It’s going to be an action-packed fight, for sure.”

Source: MMA Interviews