UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares has said that he in fact does think a championship bout with top contender Chris Weidman (9-0) should happen, but only if it takes place in Silva’s home country of Brazil. Speaking to¬†UOL Esporte, Soares also talked down the New Jersey native, saying that nobody knows who he is.

“Anderson has never refused a fight. If you ask him to face the devil, he will take it. Why did he refuse Weidman? He simply thinks he is still not someone to fight for the belt,” said a rather contradictory Soares.

“I have nothing against Chris; I think he’s a great person, but if you ask people, no one knows who he is. They’ll have to spend a lot of money promoting this fight. Anderson has more title defenses than [Weidman] has professional fights … Anderson has told me he really wants to fight in Brazil again. Weidman himself once told me he would be interested in the fight here. So I think that’s what should happen.”

While Silva (33-4) is no stranger to not knowing whom he wishes to fight next, be it Georges St-Pierre, Cung Le or Luke Rockhold, one things is for certain: Chris Weidman has only one man in mind. Speaking on UFC Tonight, Weidman pulled no punches.

“In a perfect world, I’d be back July 4 weekend against Anderson Silva. Then I’ll grant him an immediate rematch at Madison Square Garden in New York,” said Weidman, who went on to explain why Silva’s people never mention him. “They don’t mention my name ever. They don’t want to fight me. They’re running.”

Weidman also admitted he would be more than willing to train with former UFC middleweight title contender Chael Sonnen, who has come closer than most to defeating the Brazilian great.

“I definitely would [train with Sonnen]. If he was willing to train, which I’m sure he would, that would be good. He did take it to Anderson for a full fight and got caught in the end, so he’s been in the ring with him, he knows how Silva works. I’m sure I’d get a lot of information from him and get a good idea of where I’m at.”

With Silva stating he doesn’t wish to fight until around late Summer, and Weidman out of commission until around the same time, a Silva/Weidman fight seems to only make sense. Though it won’t sell on it’s glamour a la any other Silva opponents such as GSP, Sonnen, Belfort, Jones etc., Weidman does have the tools to take it to the champion, but perhaps inexperience will cost him. There’s only one way to find out.