Los Angeles, CA – In a surprising turn of events at today’s EA E3 press conference, the good word has just been revealed that the company has recently acquired the UFC licensing for their next MMA title.

“Happy to be here, finally,” says Dana White, President of UFC, at EA’s E3 press conference. “The UFC is not only the fastest growing sport in the country in the country, but in the world. “

“Now we’ve hooked up with the biggest gaming company on the planet.”

Licensing was previously held by THQ, but the likely reasoning for the change of hands was lackluster sales in the last two years, as the company has recently took to “reverse stock split.” A method in which a company combines all their stocks into one lump to bring up the dropping stock, in hopes of bringing in new investors.

EA recently brought the MMA community the title, EA MMA, in which it changed the THQ set controller layout by using the joysticks in the striking, similar to its Fight Night (Boxing) titles, with the ability to sway in the pocket in trades. No word at this time if the title will definitively be EA MMA 2, or more likely UFC: “Subline goes here.”