Dwayne Johnson is a bona fide  action movie star now.

But many still know him for his days as “The Rock” in WWF and WWE, where he delighted audiences with his combination of charisma and braggadocio — along with obvious athletic talent.

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“Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?” he yelled in his classic tagline. “Know your role and shut your mouth!”

One athlete whose role he knows, it seems, is UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor.

In a recent interview, Johnson described himself a fan of both McGregor, and the man McGregor will soon challenge for the UFC featherweight title, Jose Aldo.

“What I love about Conor is the same thing I love, by the way, about Aldo,” Johnson said to Irish website Entertainment.ie. “With Aldo there’s a quiet confidence; and with Conor the confidence is not quiet. It reminds me of how I was in the WWE, man!”

“I was bold, talking s–t, and there was nothing I wouldn’t say,” he continues. “Obviously, in WWE it’s a work; it’s not real, we knew who was going to win and lose — but I would do everything I could to create interest. Conor’s a smart guy like that. He creates great interest. But it’s not bulls–t. He backs it up.”

Johnson, who also won a national championship playing football at the University of Miami, describes himself as “good friends” with Dana White — and “loving” the UFC.

“I expect an amazing fight,” he added.

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