The secret is out. With Alpha Male fighters pulling an astounding 9-0 (majority knockout) wins with their new head coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig taking over, everyone has asked — what exactly is he doing different to pull off such a ‘high’ success rate? According to his recent comments with MMAMania, Ludwig studies film in-depth with the use of marijuana and Alpha Brain (Joe Rogan’s Nootropic).

“It’s freakin legal. Let me address this issue. When I watch film, I watch film normal how I am now. Then I watch film when I’m high on marijuana. I also watch the film again when I have Alpha Brain in my system. I watch film from three different states of consciousness just to get different looks at things. Just to see if maybe I missed a step or a nice little detail just to get different looks on things. I take this serious as hell. So serious that, if the guys aren’t making strides, I personally get my feelings hurt because I want them to succeed so much. I feel it, man. “This could be better. Take a step here, a two step there.” I care for these fucking guys that’s for sure.”

Obviously, marijuana is not allowed for the fighters themselves, but there is no rule stating your trainers and coaches can’t partake and bring that knowledge back from the ether. Marijuana is known to give ‘tunnel vision’ which is why sativa is considered useful for attention deficit disorder (ADD), which is likely why Ludwig gets that extra edge out of studying tape on the green. Question is, do you feel this is cheating, or even an edge?

Photographer: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports