During the UFC 160 post-fight press conference we learned many things, such as Dana White’s assurance that we will see a Velasquez vs. Dos Santos III trilogy. As the news emerged, questions flew in, asking both fighters their thoughts on a likely third meet. For Velasquez it makes sense, and quickly says he has no problem giving the former champ a chance, just as he was given. Dos Santos, of course elated to hear the news, was asked about the punching power comparison from Velasquez to Hunt, after facing both men.

“[Hunt’s punches] was way harder than Cain’s punch, but he hits very hard. He’s got the heavy hands and I knew that. I respect that guy a lot, but like I said tonight I believe so much in myself and my striking skills I believe I can knock anyone out.”

And yet the “Super-Samoan” could not put down the iron chin of JDS. Not too surprising of comments considering Hunt is a former K-1 Kickboxing champ and also holds wins over mixed martial arts legends Mirko CroCop and Wanderlei Silva. Velasquez may also have knockouts on his resume, but his specialty is wrestling, and when paired with viscous ground and pound it’s made a deadly gameplan. So much in fact that it has kept Cain to only one loss in his entire career (from Dos Santos). Question here — will Cain be able to negate JDS’s knockout power again with the wrestling, or will one mistake lose him the title again?

Photographer: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports