When last they met, Brazilian heavyweight Fabricio Werdum was cinching on a triangle choke and forcing opponent Fedor Emelianenko to tap out in the Strikeforce cage.

Since then, Fedor took some hard losses and retired from competition for a few years. But now he’s back, and though he’s not fighting for the UFC, Fedor is at least fighting someone in a new promotion in Japan.

Meanwhile, Werdum isn’t optimistic of a rematch ever happening. As per MMAFighting:

“I think it’s very hard,” Werdum said when asked about a possible rematch with Emelianenko in the UFC. “In Japan, the Japanese guys are very smart, maybe they sign with him for two, three years, I don’t know. I think it’s very hard to fight in the UFC. A lot of fans want to watch him fight there, you know, but I don’t know it will happen now.”

Of course, the most obvious stumbling block to a Fedor/Werdum rematch is the fact that Werdum is now the UFC heavyweight champ – a title he earned by soundly defeating the fierce Cain Velasquez.

Ain’t no way Fedor is getting near that.