Former UFC welterweight champ and superstar Canadian blanket Georges St. Pierre high-tailed it out of the sport while on top, and when he made his exit, many believed that his eventual return was inevitable. Well, maybe that’s the case.

In an interview with BloodyElbow, GSP expressed some hearty misgivings about the current state of drug testing in MMA, and put a big, fat condition on his comeback.

I will never fight again in MMA without my opponent and myself being thoroughly tested for the most advanced PEDs by a credible independent anti-doping organization like VADA or USADA under the strictest standards of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) Code.

Obviously, money talks, so a number with a ton of zeroes on the end can go a long way toward convincing GSP that just “run of the mill” testing by the commission is enough. But who knows? If St. Pierre is sitting pretty on residual checks and other investments, maybe the amount of performance enhancing drugs floating around the locker rooms is enough to keep him out forever.

What do you think?