There’s several reasons to look forward to the upcoming bout between UFC lightweight contenders Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov.

For starters, it’s likely to decide the next man to challenge UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis.

It’s an interesting style match-up: Cerrone’s Muay Thai attack against dominant SAMBO-based grappling style of Nurmagomedov.

Both guys are on impressive runs — Cerrone has won his last seven UFC fights, while the still-undefeated Nurmagomedov has earned victories all six of his UFC appearances.

Both represent one of the most dominant fight teams in the sport: Nurmagomedov, originally of Dagestan, is with American Kickboxing Academy; while Cerrone, of Denver, trains with Jackson Winkeljohn MMA in New Mexico.

Plus, it’s “The Eagle” vs. “Cowboy.” That just sounds cool.

But recently the two have made the bout just a little more interesting with some verbal jousting.

Cerrone had expressed frustration with the pairing, saying he was concerned Nurmagomedov was “just going to wrestle.”

“For someone that wants to just come and wrestle me and not make it an entertaining fight, I hate that on my side,” Cerrone told MMA Junkie. “Because I don’t give the fans what they want to see; I want to throw down.”

Nurmagomedov responded on Twitter:

Cerrone answered by warning “The Eagle” he’ll be in for a long night:

Nurmagomedov warned Cerrone that he will be going airborne from one of his trademark throws:

He offered a final jab at the beer-swilling “Cowboy”:

The bout is scheduled for UFC 187 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on March 23.