Looks like the word Interim will be sticking around the bantamweight division for quite some time. After bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz suffered a serious ACL tear in practice, the UFC was forced to hold an interim title fight, which Renan Barao has since captured.  After over a year layoff, the champ has just found out it will be an even longer until he can return to the cage, due to the cadaver used in surgery being rejected by his body. The champ was understandably disappointed when receiving the information.

“He’s pissed and disappointed,” Del Fierro said. “But I think he’s doing better now. Once he talked to the doctor and found out what was going on, he felt much better.”

Prior to the news, we have heard from UFC president Dana White that Renan Barao would be forced to defend the belt soon, rather he was willing to or not. Likely top contender Michael Mcdonald is now assumed to be next in line for the interim-title shot.

Source: MMAJunkie.com