Dominick Cruz has long been a thorn in the side of Team Alpha Male (or a punch / kick, etc), and it’s not surprising to see that the bantamweight champ is loving all the drama that’s been tied to the camp.

Yes, since Cruz has a long standing feud with TAM leader, Urijah Faber, “The Dominator” has repeatedly blasted the gym over the years. While there’s no denying that the Sacramento team has had a ridiculous amount of success, since Duane Ludwig came on board and then left, there’s been no shortage of feuding. First it was between Faber and Ludwig, and then Dillashaw left, so that sparked ill will between “The California Kid” and the latter. Other TAM members, like Cody Garbrandt, have also been drawn into the crossfire.

Well, recently Cruz appeared on MMA Radio, and the champ was of course, asked to comment on TAM. Here is just some of what the bantamweight star said (quote via MMA

“I think it’s hilarious because you just see the true colors of everybody,” Cruz told MMAjunkie. “All you heard was how those guys wouldn’t fight each other, if you recall. And how close they were and how much of a brotherhood they had. They would never fight their friends, but now all it takes is one little thing to stray away from that in a heartbeat. There’s no loyalty in any of those gentlemen.”

“They’ll all write each other off in a heartbeat to get up on the other one,” Cruz said. “That’s just the truth because they proved it. If there’s a better situation these guys can move into for themselves, they’re going to take it…”

Of course, since Cruz is coming off a bout with Dillashaw, and will almost certainly face either the latter or Faber next, he could be just stirring the pot here a bit. Or, maybe he actually believes that they’re disloyal. One could argue that many relationships would be strained / fractured, considering all that’s gone down. After all, teams and gyms aren’t handed a belt.

That debate aside, you have to wonder if all this drama isn’t happening at a good time for Cruz. Dillashaw certainly didn’t get blown out of the water at UFC FN 81, but he was forced to repeatedly field questions about Faber leading up to the bout. It must have been a distraction on some level.

Now, if Faber gets tapped for a title shot, you know he’s going to be asked a tee-un of questions about facing his former buddy, provided he wins the belt. Chances are that’s going to get tiring real fast.

Cruz, meanwhile, gets to sit back and laugh away. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.