It was set to be yet another huge grudge match of 2012, but it looks as if the  long-awaited trilogy bout between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber will have to be put on hold.

It was announced earlier this week, that Cruz had suffered an ACL injury and would not be able to compete in his bout against Faber. Someone within the MMA world started the rumor that current Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey had caused the injury, Cruz made sure to let everyone know that the rumors are false, when he spoke yesterday on The MMA (After) Hour. Here’s what Cruz had to say:

“I was in training camp, I had just gotten done with TUF, (The Ultimate Fighter), and I usually get done about 11. I got to practice at 11:30 and I was sparring that day with kickboxing and takedowns and a guy got behind me in a scramble and he went for a trip, the trip, his hips went in on my knee and it just buckled my knee right then and there. I sat out the rest of the round, threw some ice on my knee, it was pretty painful. I was just kind of hoping for the best to be honest. I was hoping and praying that it was nothing crazy because it was a very, very loud pop. I kind of went into denial mode for the rest of that day saying ‘Oh, I’m fine, I’m fine.’ So I took some ibuprofen and that night I went in to get my normal workout in and I go to move around and get my shadowboxing going to warm up and me knee just pops right out. And I just knew right then and there that I needed to go get an MRI and get this checked out because me knee wasn’t stable and it kind of felt like I was walking on ice. I went in and got an MRI that day and got the bad results, the bad news.”

And what about Rousey being the one to cause his injuries? Totally untrue says Cruz.

“Just to shut down some rumors that Faber thinks is funny to start and makes jokes about an Olympic bronze medalists and her taking out me knees. To me it’s not really funny, it’s just another way to know, for the world to know why me and Faber don’t get along. I wasn’t training with her at all. I brought her in to help my team on TUF.”

Even though he and Faber are known ‘arch-enemies,’ Cruz feels he owes him apology for not being able to fight.

“Well, you know, he did say that he doesn’t wish that injury on anybody, and I believe that. Nobody wants an injury like this to happen and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody either. To be perfectly honest, I somewhat have to apologize, not just to my fans out there, but to Faber because of this situation taking place. It’s frustrating for him as well so I can understand that. But at the same time, trying to make jokes about it and starting rumors about Ronda Rousey you know, busting my knees, that’s putting questions on her that are not necessary and putting questions on me that are not necessary, with this injury that’s already enough. So he is being very Faber-esque in the situation.”

As most everyone knows, an ACL injury requires a delicate healing process, and many hours of physical therapy, but Cruz is being positive and feels he should be back to training sooner rather than later.

“I want to be training back in four to six months so that I can start to get back on the path of going in there and competing and winning.”

Recently, Dana White revealed that Faber would not be waiting for Cruz’s return, and would be facing a yet to be announced opponent, for the interim title. Cruz isn’t happy about the situation, but feels it makes sense.

“It’s never a fun situation when your belt is being split, in a sense. That is never fun. But the good thing is that I know the truth, and so will anybody that gets that interim belt, is that they haven’t fought the real champ, period. Basically, anyone who gets that belt is the number one contender, so that’s fine with me, it is what it is. I’ll be ready to fight in the future and they will challenge me fight for the real belt.”


Transcribed by: MMA Mania