Say goodbye to the pudgy BJ Penn we once knew. As the former champ prepares to go to war with the man that took his belt, he will need to cut down to their agreed 145 lb. weight. To do so “The Prodigy” has called upon diet specialist and former fighter  Mike Dolce to assist him with the cut. Here’s what was posted by Dolce on his website (

“BJ Penn is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. He is a legend – a two-division world champion as a 170-pound welterweight and a 155-pound lightweight that has been fighting professionally before most athletes even knew what MMA or the UFC was. It is a great honor to join BJ on his journey back into the Octagon and, in my opinion, to make history as the first ever three-division world champion in our sport.”

First thing’s first. We have a very tough Frankie Edgar standing in our way and in speaking to BJ, that is exactly the way he wants it! I will be flying out to Hilo, Hawaii this week to begin growing my relationship with BJ and offer my skills to his camp.

Frankie Edgar and Penn are expected to be facing off ar0und April 2014, after they handle coaching duties for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.