Team Alpha Male – yes, that Sacramento-based crew of little dudes featuring Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, TJ Dillashaw and company – is losing another coach. This time it’s Martin Kampmann. As per Ariel Helwani on last night’s UFC Tonight:

“I’ve confirmed with Martin Kampmann and Urijah Faber that Martin won’t be the head coach anymore. He plans on leaving by December. His family wants to move. Faber says things are going well with the team and they’re not in a rush to find a new coach.”

Ah, the old “My family wants to move” excuse. That’s actually code for “Crap, these guys are uncoachable!”

Seriously, though, it’s not hard to remember that Duane “Bang” Ludwig left suddenly from that coaching gig last year, despite all the successes he’s been very publicly credited with in helping Dillashaw’s career along. And then there’s Bang’s statements last month about Dillashaw being the Team Alpha Male member who truly wants to be champ.

So what’s going on there behind the scenes? Is Faber is a douche and we don’t know it? Obviously, no one wants to go on record about all that behind-the-scenes stuff (not yet, at least), so we can only speculate.