“The Dream,” Diego Sanchez does not like the assumptions from the fans that say Nick Diaz would avenge the 2005 loss, should the two ever rematch.

Man, everybody out there, straight up, I don’t like to hear this crap about Nick Diaz. I’m hearing this stuff on Sherdog, ‘Oh Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz…gotta pick Nick Diaz, that was a long time ago and he’s gotten so much better.’ You know what man, we’ve all gotten better. Styles make fights! I’m still a guy that’s gonna take down Nick Diaz, I’m still a guy that’s gonna push the pace on Nick Diaz, I’m still the guy that’s tough enough to take Nick Diaz’s little pitter-patter punches. Styles make fights. Nick Diaz has this grappling that’s on point and so do I. We get back in there again, I’m going to kick his ass again.”

It was a classic, dating back to ‘The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale’ when we saw the two then prospects go head to head. Though it would be an intriguing rematch, we cannot expect the two to step in the Octagon together anytime soon. Both men are already scheduled for a bout as Diego Sanchez will take on Jake Ellenberger at UFC on Fuel TV and Nick Diaz will be headlining the upcoming pay-per-view for UFC 143 against Carlos Condit.

Source: OpposingViews.com