Diego Sanchez fought against Myles Jury at UFC 171 on Saturday night and he lost. And of course he did, as he’s gotten too old to compete with these young whippersnappers nowadays. But our pal Sanchez – who won TUF 1 and won over our hearts in the process – doesn’t want to accept that time and age are making his reflexes slow and bleeding his once-limitless energy reserves dry. Hence this little gem he tweeted out last night:

Ah yes, the old raw beef mixed with raw eggs excuse.

First of all, who the heck eats that when they have a fight coming up in the next 24 hours? Even stray dogs know not to eat raw meat and eggs when about to undertake strenuous physical activity.

Second of all, come on, Diego. Your record since 2009 is now three wins and five losses, and you look like a shadow of your former self. Maybe it’s sort of/kind of time to start thinking of an exit plan?

Excuses – especially ones as lame as making poor dietary choices on the eve of fights – do no one any favors. It’s time for Sanchez to hang up the gloves.

Also, he needs to stop eating gross food.