Diego Sanchez is coming off a loss to Jake Ellenberger and in the process suffered a shoulder injury. Since that has been healing up he has been unable to lift weights which has lead to some loss of weight. With that loss of weight he is mulling over a drop back to the Lightweight division. When talking in a recent radio interview he stated,

“We’ll see where I end up, but I’m still kind of a lighter welterweight,” he said. “I really try to lift weights, but the shoulder injury sort of set me back. As I heal up, my body’s going to get a little smaller, so I might just go down to 155.” 

While losing his last fight he was not shut out completely and many people believe with two additional rounds he may have been able to beat Jake Ellenberger. So why now is he considering a drop back down while in the midst of the Welterweight contenders?

“The last time I was at 155, I was just a wreck,” he said. “Mentally, I was still young and partying a lot, and I was still smoking weed. I was just a wild child. Now that I’m grounded and have my life together and am married, I’m just focused. So maybe 155 might be a better weight for me. Like UFC president) Dana White said, maybe I can jump from either weight class as long as I do it professionally. And I will. If I have to go down to 155, it’s only going to make me more strict with health and nutrition and diet. That’s my hardest part of training. But at 155, there’s no messing around. You’ve got to do it right.”

While, healing up all these options are mulling over in Diego’s mind while he enjoys being married and being in the right state of mind for his career in years. Beyond all of that his priorities still remain the same.

“No doubt about it, it’s a title shot. That’s what you want. You want to be the champion”

Source: MMAJunkie.com