After his recent bout with lightweight champ B.J. Penn, Diego Sanchez wasn’t in the greatest shape, to say the least. But despite the brutal beatdown, Sanchez says he is already “90% healed with no scar.”

Diego lost the fight at UFC 107, and came out with a busted lip, lots of facial cuts as well as a deep gash on his forehead, that called for a TKO stoppage in the 5th round. The forehead cut was later found to go down to the bone.

Sanchez said he met with a plastic surgeon and chiropractor after the fight The damage he endured during the bout was so bad he could not go to the post-fight press conference.

“His lip was really bad and cut down to here, to the skin part,” said Dana White in the post-fight press conference as he pointed to the top of his chin.”The forehead cut was very deep. He’s pretty banged up.”

The Tennessee Athletic Commission medically suspended Sanchez for 60 days and required him to get a CT scan. But he should be back in early 2010 if all goes well.