TUF 14 winner Diego Brandao had a pretty decent scrap going against Jimy Hettes at UFC on FOX 15 last night, and although things were certainly looking to be going in the Brazilian’s favor, there was enough back-and-forth action to imply that we were in for a wild ride.

Then the bout was called in between the first and second rounds, and that ride ground to a screeching halt. The reason for the stoppage: The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board doctor took one look at Hettes’ bloody ear – burst open by a judicious elbow from Brandao during a period of ground and pound – and called the fight.

After all, having a fighter’s ear fall off during a FOX broadcast would’ve been… bad.

In his postfight scrum in the press room, Brandao said he knew something was up immediately after delivering the elbow. How? Because he smelled blood.