This week former Bellator champ Lyman Good got pulled from the UFC 205 card for a potential USADA anti-doping violation.

He’s broken his silence and denied intentionally taking anything, which leads us to believe it was a tainted supplement. With Team Means dealing with something similar, and Jon Jones seemingly beating his charges because USADA’s independent testing found the over-the-counter supplement he used to be tainted, this whole tainted supplement thing is turning into a big issue.

Anyway, here’s MMAFighting with Good’s side of things.

Lyman Good is denying using a banned substance and will challenge the USADA drug-test finding.

Good, a UFC welterweight, told his longtime coaches, brothers Danny Schulmann and Ron Schulmann, and manager David M. Fish in an emotional text message this week that he never used any kind of prohibited drug. In lieu of a statement, Fish made the text message available to MMA Fighting on Thursday.

“I’d NEVER cheat the journey of hard work and more importantly I’d NEVER cheat myself,” Good wrote. “The integrity of my name is something that I’ve worked too hard just to have it questioned because of whatever the [expletive] they’re saying is in my system.”