Selling fights often requires a lot of unkind words to be spoken. But fighters are people who get punched in the head for a living, so sometimes it’s hard for them to discern the clear-cut lines are that they shouldn’t cross.

Oh, hey everyone, meet Bethe Correia. She’s Brazilian, is pretty tough, and is slated to take on UFC champ Ronda Rousey at UFC 190 in August. Here’s what Correia said recently to help hype their upcoming fight (translation courtesy of MMAFighting):

“Ronda talks about being a superwoman, a hero, but is a woman like me. Actually, I’m way stronger, I come from an underdeveloped country, where people fight to survive. It’s a lot different form the reality of her life. Under pressure, she’s showing she’s weak. When mommy put some pressure, she ran away from home. When she lost, she did drugs. That’s not a super hero. I want to see her reaction when I put some pressure against her. I want her to feel pressure and realize that I’m ready to fight her. She doesn’t have a good head, she needs to get help. There are a lot of people around her, she’s winning, but when she realizes that’s not everything, I don’t know what might happen. I hope she doesn’t commit suicide [laughs].”

Yeah, so, about that suicide thing… If you’ll recall, Rousey’s dad committed suicide when she was young. Maybe – maybe – treading on that ground was a bridge too far for Correia. You think?

Rousey thought so.

Eventually, someone informed Correia that there was a suicide incident in Rousey’s past, and the Brazilian apologized and asked for forgiveness. I doubt any is forthcoming, though.

Correia crossed that line. Rousey’s breaking that arm regardless of whether or not there’s a tap out.