Following Nate Diaz’s tweet that he wouldn’t be available to fight Gray Maynard at the upcoming TUF Finale, because he would be attending his 10 year high school reunion; some were quick to view it as an excuse to avoid his fight against “The Bully.” Not the case according to Nate’s manager Mike Kogan. Instead he’s actually attempting to move the fight onto a card closer to his hometown of Stockton, CA.

“It just makes sense that he fights Gray Maynard, who’s ranked above him, on the same card where there’s a title fight, so he just expressed a desire to fight on the Sacramento card.”

“It has nothing to do with the reunion or no reunion. He would like to see if he could fight on the Sacramento card. It’s only two weeks later. It’s closer to his house; it’s like fighting in your backyard with more fans. That’s really what it’s about.”

And you thought he was avoiding “The Bully” by going to his high school reunion. The UFC on FOx 9 Sacramento card on Dec. 14, is indeed shortly after his currently scheduled bout. If Diaz could make the move, he wouldn’t just have home field advantage, he would positioned well to make much more in sponsorship deals, since Fox cards are on the larger broadcast station. The UFC does also like to capitalize on fighters fighting closer to home, as it increases local ticket sales. Will see if Nate is allowed his High School Reunion cake and eat it too. It’s now in the UFC’s hands.