It was almost a year ago when we saw Ultimate Fighter season five winner Nate Diaz fight Benson Henderson for the title. He would ultimately lose a unanimous decision to then champ. The former contender would then follow up with his first knockout loss to Josh Thomson.

Regardless of the skid, Diaz is confident that he will once again be in the title picture with a win over Gray Maynard at the upcoming TUF 18 finale.

“This is survival of the fittest,” Diaz recently said during an UFC interview.

“I beat [Maynard], I’m going to hunt down Pettis and Thomson’s ass and take them out. I’ll be back fighting for a title real quick.”

“I’m going to beat Gray Maynard. It’s the third time fighting him. Finish it off and seal the deal. I won the first one. I think I won the second fight, too. You can ask him how he won the fight. I’ll bet you he don’t got too good of an answer,” the Stockton, CA native says.

“I’ve gotten better and I think he’s gotten better, too. He wrestles good and he hits hard. He’s a good athlete. It’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before,” Diaz says.

“I’m going to be in his face. I’m going to let him know that I’m there to win.”

– Quotes via Yahoo! Sports