We heard yesterday from Nick Diaz’s attorney that his recent suspension was unjust as the appeal would involve the fact that Marijuana metabolites which were found in Diaz are not specifically illegal under the Nevada State Athletic Committee laws.

The Nevada deputy attorney general , Christopher Eccles has responded to the claim with new information stating that Diaz was not honest in his pre-fight questionnaire regarding prescriptions taken two weeks prior to the fight.

Christopher Eccles, a Nevada deputy attorney general who represents the state athletic commission, referred telephone calls and email messages to public information officer Jennifer M. Lopez.

In a written statement, Lopez said, “Not only did Nick Diaz violate the law by testing positive for marijuana metabolites, but he also lied to the Commission on his Pre-Fight Questionnaire when he swore that he had not used any prescribed medications in two weeks before the fight.”

Goodman, though, is confident he has a case that will hold up and will enable Diaz to escape a suspension and/or a fine.

The difference between having the active ingredient for marijuana in one’s system and having marijuana metabolites is significant, Goodman said. WADA does not prohibit marijuana use outside of competition.

Source: Yahoo! Sports