Nick Diaz’s lawyer has denied claims made by UFC president Dana White that Diaz has failed to show up for three of the UFC Countdown tapings. 

Speaking at the post-fight press scrum in London after the UFC on FUEL TV 7 event, White claimed a UFC Countdown show with Nick Diaz would be awesome, if only he would turn up for the tapings.

“Nick Diaz would be an interesting Countdown show if we could get him to show up for those,” White told the media in London. “Imagine how good his Countdown show would be. F–king think his video blog would be great? How about if he had a professionally shot, by professionals, the best in the business, the best at cutting and producing features on athletes, imagine how f–king good that would be. First we’ve got to get him to show up for the f–king interviews, and then we can do it. He missed, how many did he miss? Four? Three. He’s missed three.

“We’ve had a crew in Stockton for two weeks,” White continued. “When we don’t do an interview, you know much that costs us? A s–t load on money. Okay? So we’ve got a f–king crew rolling around Stockton not doing a f–king thing. It costs us a lot of money and we can’t properly sell the fight or Nick Diaz.”

While this news may not be too surprising considering Diaz’s history of no-shows for the UFC media obligations, his lawyer has called White out for being a liar and being unprofessional in his accusations.

“Dana is mistaken,” Tweedale told via email. “There is no ‘crew rolling around Stockton,’ and Nick did not ‘miss’ three interviews.

“In fact, several earlier dates were arranged without Nick’s knowledge and with no notice to Nick. When Nick learned what had happened, I assisted him in arranging a date and time directly (Thursday, February 14). Nick arrived early and was in good spirits at that February 14 date — the one and only date he knew about in advance. Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.” 

There you have it. Whether Dana is just being fed some bad information or not, let’s just hope they can get the UFC Countdown show for his upcoming UFC welterweight title fight with champion Georges St-Pierre done, as it promises to be as entertaining as can be.

Georges St-Pierre defends his UFC welterweight championship against Nick Diaz at UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz on March 16th in Montréal, Québéc, Canada.

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