Brock Lesnar made his explosive return to pro wrestling on WWE’s ‘Monday Night Raw‘ earlier this week. What was originally thought to be an April fools rumor was actually right on the money.  All speculation of Lesnar’s WWE return was cemented as the former UFC heavyweight champ jumped into the WWE ring and performed his WWE special, the “F5” on fellow superstar John Cena.

According to sPyWareInsider, Lesnar’s return came with a one-year contract signing with the WWE organization for a whopping $5 million dollars. The final details and signing is said to have been finalized during Sunday’s Wrestlemania 28 pay-per-view as numerous media outlets reported sightings of the large Lesnar in Miami for the event.

Lesnar is said to be making more appearances than some of his counter-parts like say “The Rock,” but it will not be as grueling as his original WWE appearance schedule as he is said to only be making around two appearances a month per his contract. Part of what is said to drive Lesnar out of the organization was the non-stop travel which is expected to be now cut in half.