UFC President Dana White relayed earlier in the week that if Vitor Belfort had lost last night to Dan Henderson, his middleweight title shot would have been wiped away as well. So, since “The Phenom” not only defeated the legendary “Hendo”, but did so in jaw dropping fashion, he’s a lock for a title shot right? Well, sort of, apparently.

White was asked about whether Belfort will face the winner of Weidman-Silva II after the card, but the UFC boss man stopped short of guaranteeing it (comments via MMA Junkie.com):

“Vitor Belfort’s next,” White reportedly said initially. “Or – I don’t know.”

“You never know what happens here,” White said. “That Weidman-Silva fight happens, somebody gets hurt and they’re sidelined for. You just never know what’s going to happen. … Anything could happen, but there’s nothing but big fights for Vitor. Imagine if we do Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort again. You could do that in a soccer stadium here.”

While injuries can play a factor in any match-up, White may be hesitant to say Belfort’s a lock for a title shot because depending on how Weidman-Silva II goes down, a third fight could be a possibility. What if Silva avenges the loss but does so barely? Or it ends with some type of controversy?

In addition, if Silva reclaims the belt, he hasn’t sounded very keen in the past about fighting Belfort again. The former champ bombed Belfort out in less than four minutes at UFC 126, and has been open about the fact he doesn’t like to fight his fellow Brazilians and that he wants new challenges.. Of course, considering the 2013 year Belfort’s had, and that he just became the first man to stop “Hendo” with strikes, it would be hard to deny the man a title shot no?

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