His counsel came woefully under-prepared. There were translator shenanigans. His defense involved reluctantly admitting taking some sort of “Thai sex oil”. At yesterday’s Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing, former UFC champ Anderson Silva tried his best to look like an utter buffoon in regards to the failed drug tests that he had to answer for. But dammit, Silva is still a legend.

UFC fighter Phillipe Nover says it best:

Anderson is Silva is still a hero and a UFC legend in my eyes, whether he was on the sauce or not. Let anyone try to achieve even an ounce of what he did. Even if you took all the steroids or “sex pills” in the world it wouldn’t turn you into the talent he was. He is still the man. Everyone is ready to question what he really achieved. How many people in society are on medications just to live day to day? Diabetes medications, blood pressure medications, anti depressants ect. Think about it. Aren’t these so called “drugs” life/performance enhancing? They essentially allow you to live day to day. A study from the Mayo Clinic on June 20th 2013 produced facts stating 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug. Here you have a man who pushed his body to the edge. Pushed himself to the limits of what anyone could have ever done well into his late thirties. If he was using drugs to heal faster or get stronger or to perform better in bed then that was wrong but don’t cast the first stone knowing we live in a society where more then 70% of people rely on some sort of drug to live. I believe steroid use is wrong and I personally never took or plan on taking them. I am glad the UFC is cracking down on performance enhancing drugs but when I look at guys like Anderson Silva and what he has achieved I take nothing away from him. He will aways be a UFC legend, a 10 time defending middleweight champion, and someone I look up to in my career.

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Thai sex oils and steroids notwithstanding, nothing can diminish what the Brazilian has accomplished in the sport.