Oh, Brazil.

At this past Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 100 in Sao Paolo, American Cortney Casey was pretty much getting her ass kicked by Claudia Gadelha. But then Gadelha straight up soccer kicked her in the face for some odd reason. The commission in Brazil did nothing about it at the time, and have since stood by their decision by claiming that Casey was faking it.


As per MMAFighting:

MMA Fighting reached out to Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission’s COO Cristiano Sampaio on Sunday to find out why Portella did not deduct a point even though Casey was given a few minutes to recover.

“Because the kick didn’t land, the athlete forged the injury,” Sampaio said in a statement. “Had she not done that, and not used that time to her benefit and rest, he would have deducted the point. Had the kick landed, Claudia could get two points deducted or being disqualified. (Casey’s) conduct was wrong and unsportsmanlike, which could even be interpreted by the referee as she was giving up on the fight. The point was not deducted because of her attitude. It was an atypical situation and (the referee) acted correctly under our interpretation.”