She lost to Ronda Rousey back in Strikeforce, and since transitioning to Octagon life, has only secured the “W” once on three trips to the cage. But don’t talk about stuff like that to Sarah Kaufman, who is desperate for a fight and is willing to take on any number of ladies in the UFC just to get some steam going.

As per MMAJunkie:

“No one wants to get hit by me; it’s simple,” Kaufman said. “If they don’t want to give me Bethe, give me that or give me the Miesha Tate fight. I want that even more. If they don’t want to give me the Miesha Tate fight, give me Cat Zingano. She must be coming back soon. I’d love that fight.

“At this point I will take any fight on any notice. Definitely, 100 percent I’m fighting before the end of the year. I will accept nothing less than that.”

You know what sucks? When the UFC is scrambling to match champ Rousey up with someone – anyone – worthwhile, and you can’t get enough momentum going have your name thrown into the mix of would-be foes. Seriously, life for Sarah Kaufman must be a big pile of suck right now.